Spellbinders PL-001 die cutting machines

3. Spellbinders PL-001

Strength and elegance are the only two words that can best describe what this manual die cutter is all about. For starters, the PL-001 boasts the ability to accommodate a wide range of dies, from steel rule dies to water-thin dies. What’s more? It is made in such a manner that it can accommodate a wide set of dies including from rival such as Sizzix.

Generally, the machine’s exterior is made of plastic and its interior solid steel. And while that makes it superior and strong, it also leaves it a bit heavy. Due to this added weight, it is less portable and this, therefore, makes it less attractive than other lighter models. Worth noting, however, is that the additional weight also comes with additional cutting force. So, if you’re concerned about your manual die cutting machines not being able to make some deep and precise cuts, this machine will definitely offer a good alternative to it.

Indeed, this is one of the few machines that can comfortably cut through tens of different materials like a sharp knife does through butter. In fact, in some cases, it can cut up to 8 layers in a single cut especially if you’re using steel rule dies.


  • Solid steel core construction
  • Can cut through a wide range of materials
  • Cuts through leather
  • Offers larger-than-average cutting area


  • Its 8 1/2 wide cutting area makes it a poor fit for 6-inch standard plates